Seeing your beverage on the store shelves is the end goal of all your company’s hard work. But all that effort could be for naught if the labeling does not snag the attention of consumers. Luckily, there’s a cost-effective way to boost your beverage’s visibility. Give your product a competitive edge by applying a shrink sleeve to the can or bottle.

What exactly is shrink sleeving?

Shrink sleeves were first introduced in the 1960s as a way to create a tamper-evident seal around the neck and cap of bottles. Since then, these labels have exploded in popularity and are now applied to the entire container. The shrink sleeves are used in a wide variety of industries, from nutraceuticals to personal care to automotive. One of the biggest industries shrink sleeves are used in is the food and beverage industry.

What exactly are shrink sleeve labels? They are pre-printed flexible labels that are slipped around a container. Heat is used to conform the film to the shape of the container.

Types of shrink sleeves

If you decide a shrink sleeve is the best labeling option for your beverage, you could choose from the following types of labels:

Full-Body Shrink Sleeves: With these sleeves, the label is applied to the entire product. It may or may not also cover the cap.
Neck-Band Sleeves: These labels are known as tamper-evident sleeves because they are applied to the neck and lid of the container to offer extra protection.
Partial-Body Sleeves: With this type of label, the sleeve is wrapped around only a portion of the product so that a bit of the container can still be visible. This sleeve is also called a belly band.
Multi-Pack Sleeves: These sleeves are placed around more than one beverage to group them for sale.

The incredible benefits of using shrink sleeve labels

Are you wondering if a shrink sleeve label is right for your beverage? Consider these benefits of using shrink sleeves:

360-Degree Coverage

Shrink sleeves wrap around the entire aluminum can or bottle, providing plenty of labeling real estate for companies to catch the consumer’s eye with unique artwork. The sleeve is printed on a digital or flexographic press so that the label retains its vibrant colors and minute details, creating a brand image customers will easily recognize and love.


Graphics are digitally printed on the inside of the sleeve so that companies do not have to worry about their label artwork running or getting scratched off. It’s also helpful to note that these types of labels are made with highly durable materials like polyester and plastic film. Because of this, you can trust that your beverage label will withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, moisture, and dirt without losing its visual appeal.


Shrink sleeves are designed to conform to the shape of cans and bottles without the need for adhesives. By choosing this type of label for your product, you minimize your company’s impact on the environment by using less eco-friendly packaging. Your customers could even remove the shrink sleeve and properly recycle the aluminum can, plastic bottle, or glass bottle.

Suitable for Oddly Shaped Containers

Have you ever tried to wrap a container with an unusual shape? If so, you know how challenging it can be to make the label and product look visually appealing. Luckily, shrink sleeves solve this problem. The labels shrink and adhere to the odd shape of your can or bottle to create a smooth appearance. You could even design the sleeve to highlight the container’s unique curves once applied.

Tamper Proof

Shrink sleeve labeling can ensure your beverage has tamper-evident protection. This will inspire confidence in prospective customers and give them peace of mind about the quality of the drink.

Start designing a beverage shrink sleeve label today

Shrink sleeves can provide amazing benefits for beverage companies. To find out if this label is right for your product, reach out to our aluminum can and glass bottle suppliers. Our experts can help you design a label that will make your beverage stand out on the store shelves. Contact Best Bev today to request a quote on our aluminum can shrink sleeving services.