If you’ve ever daydreamed about creating a new kind of beverage, or you’re already investigating the steps to starting your beverage brand, chances are that you’ve probably admired labels you’ve seen on store shelves over the past few years. Many national beverage companies have developed a knack for creating memorable, distinctive, and even collectible can art.

So what’s their secret to creating that can that catches your eye and stands out among all the rest on the supermarket’s shelves? These are a few of the principles that drive modern, memorable can art and how you may be able to use them as you work on creating a brand identity for your beverage company.

show what matters

In order to create something that customers notice and remember, establishing your branding is essential while designing a can label. In order to develop a dedicated customer base, you need to help customers find your brand first! This means that no matter how much colorful art you want to fit onto the packaging, you still need to leave space for your logo and make that logo clearly defined and easy to spot.

Know your customer

As you brainstorm ideas for your packaging, think about who your customers are and could be. Are you marketing to middle-aged dads or young and hip college students? Knowing your customer is key to knowing what kind of design you’ll be creating. Testing out concept art among different demographics can be time-consuming, yet it’s a valuable way to understand how people react to your possible packaging.

Tell your story

Every brand has a story. As you plan out your packaging, think about what parts of your brand make it stand out and what about your beverage makes it special. Why should customers pick up your beverage? Make people not just excited to try your drink but curious about your brand and inspiration. Here are a few things to consider incorporating into your can art:

  • Location names where the product was made, the idea was born, etc.
  • Landmarks local to your production area that can be recognized — or drawn in cool, abstract styles
  • Design choices backed by color theory (the psychological impact of colors on consumers is worth looking into, and it’s a whole field of study for a reason)!

Choose the right colors

As we mentioned, colors are powerful tools for delivering specific messages. While there are no hard and fast rules for choosing label colors for your cans, you will want to choose colors that align with your target audience’s preferences and the color of the can. Consider using red elements to inspire excitement and passion, green to evoke prosperity, or blue to provide a sense of tranquility.

Consider the finer (font) details

The style of font you choose to place on your can art should reflect your company’s branding. Serif and script fonts are more formal, while sans-serif fonts are casual and fun. No matter the type of font you select, make sure it is not so flowery that it affects the label’s readability.

It’s all in the words

While designing your can label, you need to consider the message you would like to communicate. A few words can pack a mighty punch if you choose your wording carefully. Consider listing all the keywords that describe your beverage and selecting the ones that best communicate your offerings. Words evoke different reactions in consumers and could help you create a memorable beverage!

Taste counts, too

Of course, the most appealing packaging in the world can’t save a poorly made or bottled product. It’s the taste of your beverage that appeals to your customers above everything else because it’s what keeps them coming back after their initial interest in your packaging. Make sure to partner with the right co-packing service to ensure your can stays fresh and can be transported safely and efficiently after being packaged in the highest-quality cans possible. Without the right product taste, you’ll have to go back to the drawing board on your entire brand — so don’t get too ahead of yourself planning out your art before you know your product will appeal to the tastebuds of the masses!

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