Have you dreamed up the next great idea for a beverage? It could be a healthy fruit juice for kids, or maybe you’re trying your hand at brewing up a more grown-up beverage, it’s always exciting to think your creation could be the “next big thing.” But your unique product can’t become a reality if you don’t have a marketing strategy or seek consulting services with a beverage development company! Never fear — Best Bev is here to help with years of experience in the beverage industry. Here’s your step-by-step guide for how to start a beverage brand:

Step 1: Establish your original idea

The hardest part of beverage development is coming up with an idea that’s original, appealing, and marketable. It can help to figure out a category you’d like to specialize in. These categories include but aren’t limited to:

  • Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor, spirits)
  • Health beverages (smoothies, vegetable juices, sports drinks)
  • Carbonated beverages (soft drinks, sparkling water, seltzer)
  • Fermented beverages (such as kombucha)
  • Caffeinated drinks (coffee, energy drinks)

Step 2: Do the research

In order to ensure your beverage product is truly unique and your brand is successful long-term, research the following before you start a beverage company:

  • Competing brands and ideas — and their strategies
  • What’s popular in your desired region
  • National and international beverage market insights
  • Timing for launching your product

Step 3: Make a plan

If there’s one difference between unsuccessful and successful businesses at the beginning of the beverage development process, it’s planning. Planning is crucial so you can start your beverage brand off on the right foot! Your business plan should include important factors such as:

  • Your budget and expected expenses
  • Your predicted revenue
  • Your plan for where and when you’ll produce, launch, and sell
  • Your storage solution
  • Your hiring plan and strategy for the future
  • Legal details — specifics about copyright, patents, and more

While a clear vision can help you achieve your goals, it’s okay not to have all of these nailed down. We are here to help!

Step 4: Develop your brand

The process from beverage planning to beverage warehousing may be clicking along with no problems until you realize your brand doesn’t have an identity yet. And developing your brand isn’t just coming up with an awesome logo and eye-catching packaging — although, of course, those are important to your beverage company. For a truly comprehensive brand plan, you also need to consider:

What’s your target market?

Who are you selling your beverage to? Consider demographics and ideal markets.

What makes your beverage different?

Why should people buy your product? Make your call to action clear.

Will you be using social media or other digital avenues?

Spreading the word is crucial to launching a successful beverage business, and you’d be remiss not to use the free tools available to you through digital marketing. What will your brand’s digital identity be?

Step 5: Find your beverage manufacturer

Having access to a successful avenue for beverage production is crucial to your success when you start a beverage company. Co-packing services are hugely advantageous because they combine the manufacturing and packaging process so that you don’t have to worry about dealing with these issues separately.

Take a sip of success with Best Bev

Are you ready to start your beverage brand yet? We’re excited to help you! At Best Bev, we use a unique, teamwork-focused approach to beverage design and creation. We will help you protect and sell your original idea — and take care of manufacturing, packaging, and storage concerns. Don’t wait to achieve greatness; contact us today!